Monday, February 1, 2010

Red, White, and Nothing New

We all know of some of the typical film poster trends. You have the floating heads posters, you have the orange/blue contrast posters, and plenty of other cliche (not always bad) posters. But there is one in particular that irritates me to no end. And that is what I call the "Red, White, and Nothing New" posters. You'll typically see this type of poster with comedies. I mean, Im all for minimalist posters. But this is not minimalist. This is just plain shit. The formula for the "Red, White, and Nothing New" poster is: White background + promotional photo + large blocky red text = complete and utterly uninspired shit fucking poster.

Now I know it's almost like beating a dead horse cunting about these posters, but they're not even just used for the shitty comedies. Even some decent comedies get the "Red, White, and Nothing New" treatment. So instead of reading about these pathetic and inexcusable hack-job posters, view 'em all below.

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