Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tron: Legacy

So just the other night, I watched Tron: Legacy and... It wasnt that good.

Im going to start off by saying that I am not really a Tron fan to begin with. And just because I dont like a movie, doesnt mean I cant appreciate it. Tron really isnt that great of a film, but it does have effects ahead of its time. But the sad thing is that they dont stand the test of time. They're extremely dated and elementary. But like I said, thats not to say they werent ahead of their time... Just not this time.

So Tron: Legacy takes place just about 21 years later. And this is one of the strongest parts of the movie, the beginning. I mean, I really dont feel too strongly about this movie as I would a movie I loved or hated. It was just kind of "eh". The beginning sets up enough story to give a fuck about whats going on. But once they enter the "Tron world" I started to lose interest, oddly. I thought the world was going to be mind-blowing, visually. Except that... It wasnt. Did it look really cool? Yeah, it did. But each scene was kind of more of the same. Dark backgrounds, with bright-light highlights. That's really all the movie was 75% of the time. And just about 20 minutes into this world I started to realize why I liked the beginning 15-20 minutes more. Tron wasn't my kind of thing. Im just not into that kind of setting. I thought, from the trailers, I would visually eat this world up, but that wasnt the case. It just got old after a while.

Another let-down was the 3D. I didnt think it was shitty 3D. Not at all. But I was expecting something a little better. Love it or hate it, Avatar has incredible 3D. The best so far. And Tron: Legacy could have rivaled Avatar, but it didn't unfortunately. Though the 3D wasnt spectacular, the visuals were great. There could have been WAY more designs, but I really do want to point out that the visuals were worth most of the budget.

One thing Im reading in reviews is the lack of story. Hmmm... That's not true. There is enough story to serve a Disney movie, let alone... A TRON movie. In fact, one of the only parts I really really liked about the movie was a scene in the middle. Its a scene with Sam and his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). It was actually really well-done. Had all the right elements, great cinematography, score, and performances. But once that scene ended, I went back to the "eh" shoulder-shrugging slouch.

But what I really did like about the movie, through and through, was the score, oddly enough. And Im not saying that in "Im not big on scores" kind of way, because I am a score fanatic. But with this particular score, it was mostly electronica. And I do NOT like electronica. But Daft Punk did a really good job with the score. There were some really catchy themes. Would I buy the score? Nah. Download it? Yeah. But yeah, thumbs up to Daft Punk.

And lastly, I give thumbs up to Joseph Kosinski, the director. Why I am I am giving thumbs up to the director of a movie in which I didnt really enjoy? Because I really didnt notice anything wrong with his decisions that DIDNT pertain to the Tron world. And like I said, I cant give him thumbs down because of decisions he made with a world I didnt like to begin with. For what it was, it was probably a worthy entry. But given that Im not a Tron fan, I really have no voice. I just want to see how he would do with original material.

All in all, go see it for the Pirates 4 trailer... Oh wait, even that was pretty bland (unfortunately, since I love all 3).

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