Monday, December 21, 2009


Jesus. That's pretty much all I can really say about Bruno at this point. The movie succeeds on almost every level. I mean, when I wasn't laughing (which was rare for it's 88-minute duration), I was looking back at the uncomfortable audience. When I got there, I was certain I wasnt going to get a good seat. But I ended up sitting not too many rows past the first row, where the floor seats are. During every awkward dick joke, during every overly-homosexual gag, the audience behind me was sitting there in a daze, with not a smile to be seen. And you gotta' remember, this wasn't a regular post-matinee crowd. This was the midnight showing full of people anticipating the film.
Bruno, much like Borat, has quite a few scripted parts in the beginning. But that's fine, because they use 'em to get real reactions from people. So it has an even balance, as opposed to him going out into America with no plans and just act uber-homosexual. The scripted gags are hilarious, anyway. All I can say is: Bruno + wine bottle + asian boytoy + anus. Also, even the structure parallels Borat's structure. But once again, I dont mind. I mean, I cant cunt about over-used structures, when one of my favorite franchises uses the same structure throughout all four films... Indiana Jones. Speaking of which, Harrison Ford makes a cameo... Sorta.
Anyway, I dont want to give away too much, so Im going to make this review much shorter than I usually would. I dont think many people realize, but Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic genius, and he needs to be recognized more for it. When the Ali G show came out, I fucking hated it. I saw like 15 minutes and I shut it off. And I still stand on that. I still hate Ali G. That character just isn't funny. But what he has done with his two far more superior side-characters is comic gold. And Im not just talking about him doing those characters justice. Im talking about how Cohen has pushed the envelope. As I said, you may not notice, but what that man has gotten away with is unbelievable. I mean, fuck, you see almost 20 seconds of waving fully-erect penis, in a close-up shot, in an R-rated movie. I've read a couple books on the MPAA, and I thought I understood how the MPAA worked, but really, I dont think anyone has a grasp on how they operate anymore. You can show a waving erect-penis (in a close-up shot, mind you) for 20 seconds in R-rated Bruno, but you cant say a mere "motherfucker" ONCE in a PG-13 Live Free or Die Hard (which sucked anyway)? Oh yeah, that's right, you can say one "fuck" in a PG-13 film, but it cant have any sexual connotation to it. Eat my taint.
Anyway, back to Bruno, if you saw Borat and liked it, Im sure you'll love Bruno. If you saw Borat and hated it, just go waste your money on I Love You, Beth Cooper this weekend. And another thing I wanted to address, I always hear people go, "All Sacha Baron Cohen is doing is making fun of Americans, it's insulting.". Really, study the difference between mockery and exploitation. Borat/Bruno does nothing to make fun of Americans... We do it ourselves. He just so happens to make millions and millions and millions of dollars by doing so. And you know what? Im okay with that, only because middle-America is that stupid and deserves to be exploited.
Im not quite sure what audience is better to see it with. The ones clearly enjoying the film through laughing. You know, the ones who are able to take a joke? Or the ones who are clearly uncomfortable.

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